Saturday, 27 March 2010

Designing? What?!

So finally after several years of following patterns and not really being creative myself (yes I was creating knit projects but I was making someone else's vision), I decided to take on the task of designing my own socks. I mean how hard could it be right?? I knit socks all the time you'd think that I would have the construction of these darn things down... but alas no. I never realized how complex a top down sock could be! The heel flap construction thing just flew right over my head (mostly because I'm on a time schedule and I need to get these projects banged out ASAP, spending time doing a lot of math just isn't going to work). So I took a step back and opted for the super easy toe up formula and went with knitting a child size sock.

I already had the sock yarn picked out, it was just a matter of what stitch pattern would compliment the yarn and work for a little girl. So I got to thinking. When I was a little girl, yes I loved little frilly socks, but when I saw my mom putting on nylons I wanted nylons... not the white ones with hearts on them that I had but the ones that made my legs look all tan. I figured that if I was the daughter of a knitter who was making all these pretty cabled and laced socks for herself and other grown up women I'd want a pair just like them for myself. Not a cutesy version, but an actual grown up pattern made in my size. So that's what I made. Using a king charles brocade stitch that I modified to be worked in the round I put a panel down the top of the sock and one down the back to the heel. The sole of the sock is plain stockinette and I think they're lovely! Even as an adult I want a pair for myself!! The shades of red remind of my grandma's roses, even if the name of the colorway is hibiscus.

kid sock1

kid sock2

kid sock3

I also decided to design my own fingerless gloves. I found a stitch pattern I liked, expanded it and of course adjusted it to be knit in the round and give me a section of plain stockinette so that I could easily put in a thumb hole. They're SUPER warm and I can't wait to be able to use them in my office after the fair is over.



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