Thursday, 4 November 2010

I'm slacking like crazy... but I have a good reason

My entries did well in Auburn. Nothing too amazing, but the fact that my work was against that of little old ladies and women that may have been knitting for more years than I am old, I did really really well. I got 2 first places and a third. I got my entry fees back plus another $6. Yeah, I'm kinda rich from my knitting ;)

I haven't been knitting as much as I should lately. In August my mom became septic and she fought her way through an incredibly dark time and remains with us today. She isn't living a very full life at the moment since she's in convalescent and her medications are all out of wack (and that's affecting her mental status). She was doing quite well for a while but in mid September she took a step back and stopped working to come home. She's been in bed for so long that she can't hardly sit up on her own anymore. My fingers are crossed that we can get this whole situation figured out and I can have her back home where she belongs. Every prayer and positive thought that has come our way has helped, and I appreciate everyone's concern and love more than I could ever say.

I do have some good news on the knitting front though. A friend of my husband's saw my work in the fair and was so impressed that she has commissioned several pieces from me. Of course she picked a hat pattern that I too fell in love with, and since I need to know how the pattern knits up I made one for myself first :) Her yarn is different than the one the pattern calls for so I've been making adjustments throughout the pattern and it seems to going well. I've only got the brim to finish and that will be done, and then yes pictures will be added. She wants a matching scarf which I'm looking forward to doing. Mindless scarf knitting is something I could use right about now. I'm working on a time constraint now that we have a trip up there planned for 2 weeks from now. I've got a scarf to finish along with 2 Christmas stockings. It's only one pair of oversized socks and a scarf, how long could that take?? After that it's going to be time to start working on my fair knitting again. Seems like the fairs just ended and it's time to start up again. I may only enter one or two items this year because I have so many personal projects that I want to get done and those probably won't be getting placed on the back burner this time.... unless it's to play World of Warcraft, but that my dears is a story for another day.