Friday, 23 April 2010

Fair knitting is done, but I'm not!

Finished all of my fair knitting with plenty of time to spare. And while I'm sad to be done with it, I'll miss the pressure of knowing I have a deadline and pushing myself to do the best work I can in the shortest amount of time I can. I'm still keeping myself as busy as possible at work.. almost too busy if you ask me. A few times over the last few weeks I've had aching fingers and wrists. It's probably a sign of arthritis (which wouldn't surprise me, an "old lady" hobby must come with "old lady" side affects) or carpal tunnel (which really wouldn't surprise me either).

I've finished up a baby blanket for a friend of my husband's. I managed to fall behind on the deadline of that project seeing that now it's May and the child was born in March! The blanket is amazing though. It's a partially double knit blanket, the Hoover blanket from Knitty actually, done in a green and cream colored stripe. No plain blue or pink for the babies I knit for! Well, until we decide to have some of our own... if we have a little girl she'll be covered in pink until she despises that color.

I also recently found out that I've won some ribbons for the fair. That blanket that never managed to get any finished project pictures displayed won 5 ribbons including best of show and judges choice. I'm stoked! May 15th can't get here fast enough so I can go check out how my other items did. Here's a peek at the blanket, and a press picture too!

Ribbons Galore!

>Press Photo

Lately though, I've found myself drawn to hats. Yes I've knit a sweater during the time I haven't been writing... but I've been obsessed with hats. I've got a list of at least 20 that I'm just chomping at the bit to get knit. It's the completely wrong season for knit hats (summer here I come) but they're amazing and fantastic (not to mention reasonably quick to finish) and I can't wait to amass a huge collection by fall/winter.

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