Friday, 20 August 2010

Long time no update!!

The fair was several months ago, and that time has sadly come and gone, however I did amazingly well. Of my seven entries, only one went unawarded (because there were SO many fingerless gloves the judges were not impressed). Everything else won at least 2 ribbons, not to mention I received the overall high point in knitting ribbon! Go me!! Here's a picture of everything (minus the awesome blanket) on display with their ribbons.





A lot of my entries are in Auburn now, ready to kick butt in the fair up there. I've since finished a tank top, I have the finishing touches to put on another one, and will be starting on blankets for my mom and nephew soon. I actually have requests backed up now! I've been asked to make another sweater for a little boy who grew out of the last one I made. It's really touching to have someone appreciate your work so much that they want another one of your items. It's going to be a little while before I can get to it with everything going on with my mom's health (it's far too much to post here), but things are looking up and hopefully I can get a whole bunch of things knit soon!